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My general Membership Programs offer on-going sessions at a discounted rate, and access to my workbook with guided audio, A Modern Awakening© - Workbook for Spiritual Connection.


You can use these sessions for Spiritual Counseling, Psychic Development, Business Development, Relationships, Healing, or whatever you would like to work on evolving in your life. There are monthly and pay in full options. Click here to see different membership plans.

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Authentic Love and Partnership©

Authentic Love and Partnership© is a five week online course, with five weekly exercises to help clear your vibration of the disharmony, limiting beliefs, and subconscious programming of the past and present. This makes it possible for you to cease living the same relationship cycles, and attract someone to YOU- the authentic you. It address deep-rooted cycles and beliefs, gives you exercises to release the past, allows you to discover more about yourself, prompts you to determine your needs and boundaries, and offers you the tools to attract the real deal (or heal an existing partnership).

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A Modern Awakening©

If you feel a calling to develop your psychic and medium skills, the best time is now!

A Modern Awakening ©  is a three month workbook designed to help you connect with spirit, develop your intuition, and control your mind. The exercises are simple, the routine is manageable, and the result is a clearer vibration.


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Welcome to "Guru" training. Starts 07/11/21

This program was inspired by hundreds of clients. It's difficult to determine where to place our focus when it comes to our Spiritual development.

The Genesis Program is designed to keep you accountable, clear, and purposed in your development- opening the doors for greater intuitive expansion and a balanced Spiritual lifestyle. This is a 12 month group program for dedicated, open minded, and energetically sensitive people.


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