Everyone Needs a Nap

May 22, 2017


I understand, as a nation, we are....having a rough time.  


No, really, it's an ordeal, people.  The air literally smells like fear, and the anger is bleeding from everyone's eyes. It's painful.


I'm going to invite you to step away from all the news articles, juvenile memes, political mud-slinging, fear-tactic headlines, and bull shit you are inundated with every day; and take a minute to perceive everything that's happening right now...neutrally.  Drop your personal beliefs for just a moment, and observe.


When I separate from the pack to get a big picture view of what's happening, I feel like I'm a schoolyard recess attendant. The name calling, closed-mindedness, pompousness, and unjustifiable self confidence born of deep-seeded insecurity and fear- it smells like teen spirit...I don't wish to appear judgmental!  This is simply what I see happening, and what it reminds me of. 


Contrary to popular belief, this behavior isn't unique to one side or the other.


Oh, see the reaction you just had to that statement?  "(Disapproving sigh) No, it's just the Right", or, "(Chuckle) No, the snowflake Leftists are the one's out of control."  I have the pleasure of sharing space with almost equal parts Right and Left. My family is largely Right, my friends are largely Left. All day, every day I watch the reactionary outbursts of both sides; and after about a year of watching this political nightmare unfold, I can assure you: both sides are equally antagonistic.


Everyone believes the propaganda their side feeds them, almost no one is fact-checking, and virtually no one is willing to accept another point of view. Even now, you may find it IMPOSSIBLE to accept your actions could be mirroring those who "oppose" you. You may have even gotten so far as to justify your mistreatment of others, because they're "doing the wrong thing".


We are stuck in these biological meat vehicles, fully equipped with mind-altering hormones that flood our system when we encounter stress.  This stress, unless managed, learns to override our bodies.  All of a sudden we become unreasonable, angry, hateful, sleepless, and blind to ourselves.  Stress makes it all too easy for us to justify lashing out at people and being hateful.


We forget it is possible to find common ground with anyone, and that we are all only human.  When everyone is fighting against one another, it becomes increasingly difficult to create compromise. Sometimes, compromise is the only solution. No one heals themselves, or fixes a problem, by hurting another person.  It's been a stressful year, everyone; but if we don't decompress soon, we're liable to explode and destroy ourselves.




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