I am not important.

May 8, 2017

"I am not important", and neither are you.


I am not rich, famous, exceptionally gifted, uniquely attractive, extraordinarily intelligent, or an influence to this world. Even if I was any, or all of these things, I still wouldn't be important.


One evening, I was lost in a clear night sky, vibrant with stars. I had been driving all day, stuck in traffic the entire distance from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. After arriving, I bypassed a shower, grabbed a beer, and heaved myself into a hot tub. I was almost completely thoughtless, inundated by heat and exhaustion. I could hear my breath in my ears, and in that moment I realized how small I truly was.  Sure, we know how much smaller we are than the stars, or the galaxy; but sizes, shapes, and distances are so casually taught to us in our developing years, that we don't often sink into the profundity of our smallness. It's profound. We are smaller than the smallest grain of sand- a tiny cluster of miraculous cells. We are an idea, trapped in a flesh vehicle, just trying to figure out what all the buttons do; and once we finally get all the buttons figured out, the flesh vehicle dies, and we're just an idea again.


"I am not important." How relieving. That really takes the edge off.


If any one of us disappeared today, the world wouldn't end. Everything would gently fall back into place; but perhaps we had to be there to begin with for there to be a place for everything to fall back into. That unimportant, spirit-operated flesh vehicle you're driving? It is, somehow, perfectly fit in to the GANTT chart of "this" existence. You are the butterfly to the butterfly effect. Even though we are small, bordering insignificant really, we all add up to something huge.


No, I am not important; but we are.  I am not significant, but "this" is. All "this". Although we all have our own individual value, we wouldn't ever add up to anything without each other. Together our value is colossal...important. We make each other important.  Without you, there isn't a reason for me to exist on earth- no lessons to be learned, no love to be had, no heartache to experience, no outstanding food to eat...


So, no. I'm not important.


But we are.





















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