Choose Evolution

Rev. Meg is dedicated to the evolution of the human collective. That dedication has lead to workshops, a workbook, an online course, and countless one on one sessions; but she noticed something was missing - a program clearly designed to catalyze a sustainable shift towards greater evolution.

Spiritual Growth is not something achieved by meditating, plant medicine ceremonies, or practicing the Law of Attraction- sustainable Spiritual Growth is a lifestyle. We are often attracted to a spiritual "yo-yo diet" lifestyle, and our vibrational clarity swings wildly back and forth, spending very little time centered. The Genesis Program offers a clear path towards healing, evolving, and leading others in our world.



"So much work goes into Spiritual Development- overcoming triggers, emotional translation and control, UNlearning, self-discovery, self mastery, compassion and love for self and others, dissolving the ego, releasing limiting beliefs... There is no magic switch.

As someone who dedicated herself to this journey, this lifestyle, years ago, I know it's not something that can be achieved without accountability, guidance, and support."


Reverend Meaghan Hammarsten

Psychic Medium


Certified Nutritionist

Certified Holistic EFT Practitioner

Spiritualist Minister

What is The Genesis Program?

The Genesis Program is a 12 month commitment to yourself; your spiritual development, connection to Spirit, holistic health, and ability to lead and inspire others to evolve.

  • The 12 Month Agenda

    • Emotional Stillness, Control, and Release

    • Triggers, Roles, and Stories

    • Filters, Delusion, and Bypassing

    • Awareness and Stillness

    • Fearlessness

    • Manifestation, Attraction, and Flow

    • Turbulence and Conflict

    • Guidance 

    • Fortitude 

    • Ingenuity

    • Responsibility

    • Integration

  • One individual 60 minute session with Rev. Meg per month, for additional support, guidance, and healing.

  • Homework and exercises to connect you more deeply with Spirit.

  • Lifetime access to all on-line courses and materials.

  • Synchronistic connections through group workshops.

  • Discounts on other services and workshops.

Imagine dissolving nearly all of your triggers, and entering a state of knowing, acceptance, and flow. Consider how releasing stress, worry, and fear will affect your overall health; and how it may inspire people around you as well.

You are worthy of absolute confidence and vibrational freedom! Adapting your mindset and life to align with energetic law will help you achieve this freedom. Choose Evolution, choose freedom.

Began 01/02/21 -

Weekly workshops 9 am PST, Saturdays (Closed)

Weekly workshops 11:30 am PST, Saturdays (Closed)

Begins 07/03/21

Sign Ups begin 06/01/21

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