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My Story

Hello, beautiful human. It isn't a coincidence you found me.


My story appears to be a series of coincidences, and perhaps yours does too; but we know better.


We know we are loved and guided through this life. I was guided by Spirit, to nudge me towards where I am today. You have been guided by Spirit, to nudge you towards where you are right now.

Just a few years ago, I was not a Spiritual Person. In fact, I was repulsed by Spirituality and Religion. I grew up recognizing the incongruous nature of Religion, and how easily people slipped into a state of delusion because of it. Despite my energetic sensitivity and a deep knowing the non-physical universe was present, I rejected any form of Spirituality. My harsh judgment and anger towards Spirituality and Spiritual people dulled my energetic sensitivity for years. Since awakening, I have challenged myself to release my judgment of any belief system. It is all a different expression of the same thing. 

My journey to becoming Rev. Meg began with a seemingly inexplicable health event. I blacked out and became paralytic while driving, but did not loose consciousness. I was terrified I was a danger to myself and others, and desperately sought an explanation. I had two other similar events, lost my license, lost my job, and lost my apartment. I was ejected from my life. There is no limit to how low the Universe will stoop to get you where you need to be, my friends. Despite multiple rounds of testing, my doctors couldn't determine what happened to me. 


I landed a new, and very different job, in Encinitas, California.


Due to my misfiring neurological system, the energetic sensitivity I had been repressing for years made a quick comeback. I intuitively began a natural healing journey, eventually healing through food, natural medicine, and meditation. Once my neurological activity began to regulate, I began to sense ... something ... around me. The sensation grew increasingly more noticeable over time, and I could not resist the urge to seek out Spiritual information. This was all very strange for a non-Spiritual person. I found myself talking to the air, knowing there was something trying to get my attention, something trying to communicate.


I was very fearful, and I want you to know there is nothing to be afraid of. Absolutely nothing.

Then, it happened: I saw Paul, one of my Spirit Guides. I continued to see him, to hear him. Although I rejected this entirely at first, I knew it was real. Finally, exhausted by resistance and my life in general, I surrendered to the energetic reality of my life: I was in direct communication with the other side. Nearly the moment I surrendered, I serendipitously found a wonderful Spiritual Guidance Counselor and The Chapel of Awareness. With the help of this Counselor, and Chapel of Awareness, I was inspired to work diligently towards honing my ability to sense, translate, and express non-physical energy accurately.


I now spend my time building and becoming Rev. Meg. Every day I challenge myself to go deeper, dissolve more disharmony, and improve my connection to Spirit Side for my own personal evolution, and the betterment of the human collective. 

Rev. Meg is dedicated to the spiritual evolution of the human collective.

As a technically trained psychic medium, she offers her clients guidance directly from Spirit Side.

She offers single sessions or coaching programs for ongoing support in holistic healing, relationships, business, emotional control, and Spiritual Development.


Spiritualist Minister,

Psychic Medium and Healer  

Certified Holistic EFT Practitioner

 Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Owner: The Vessel Energetic Wellness Center