"A Happy Medium"

Choose Happiness, Be Free.

The Vessel

Your body is just a vessel.

The Vessel is a Spiritual Wellness Center in Oceanside, California.

This space to hold space is a single room hideaway blocks from the ocean; free from WiFi, and full of love and good energy


There is currently availability for insured practitioners to use The Vessel for appointments and small classes. If you are interested, please contact the owner.

Owner, Rev. Meg Hammarsten

"A Happy Medium"​

Spiritualist Minister, Licensed Healer and Psychic/Medium,

Certified Holistic EFT Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, 

Executive Coach.

Education through: Awakenings Institute,
NHI, & Chapel of Awareness.
Meaghan Hammarsten was broadsided by a painful spiritual awakening years ago. Having not been a spiritual person in the past, she desperately sought answers about the foreign experiences and feelings she was faced with.
On her journey she learned how to connect with Spirit, nourish her body, control her mind, and use spiritual energy for healing.
She has since become Rev. Meg, dedicated to helping others awaken, communicate with Spirit, dissolve limiting beliefs and negative emotions, and take care of their bodies.
Rev. Meg's purpose to facilitate spiritual, emotional, and holistic growth. Her sessions are for the brave and open. Her purpose is not to tell you what you want to hear. You may get answers that surprise you.
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Beautiful Souls At The Vessel

The Vessel is blessed by these two beautiful souls!

Chloe is a highly experienced Reiki Practitioner with a feel good vibration! You can check her availability here!

Brianna is bright, vibrant soul providing locals with intuitive sound healing sessions. Check out our Workshops page to sign up for her sessions!


403 Wisonson Ave.,

Ste. D

Oceanside, CA, 92054